Celler Masroig

The Vineyard

Barcelona Red Blend and Rosé are made in the small town of El Masroig in the Montsant area of southern Catalunya (pop. 435). Hillside and mountain vineyards surround the picturesque town. Almost every family in the town farms a vineyard. Celler Barcelona has over eighty grape-grower partners who tend their vineyards with the utmost care. The winery is the largest employer in the area and will be celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2017.

The Landscape

Vineyards and olive groves are typical of the landscape and have shaped it into characteristic dry stone terraces. Grape growers help to maintain the beauty of this unique area where wine and olive oil are symbols of their identity. These two crops, which are over a thousand years old, cover around 500 hectares of the land.

The Wine Maker

russell-smith_vineyardRussell Smith was always captivated by the picturesque vineyards in Spain, and decided to pursue his lifelong dream of winemaking along Spain’s Northeastern Coastline where the Mediterranean sun and breezes produce the world’s best grapes. He acquired his own vineyards near Barcelona in the Prestigious Montsant region and began producing World Class wines in 2013. He artfully created elegant wines that capture the essence of what Spanish wine connoisseurs have enjoyed for thousands of years, in a way that appeals to modern tastes.

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